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North Ridge Community School Our Governors - North Ridge Community School

Governing Body

North Ridge Community School - Governors

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Interim Executive Board (IEB) Members

IEB Member

Position on Board


Mrs Riana Nelson IEB Chair Chair of IEB meetings
Mrs Louise Greatrex IEB Member Teaching & Learning, Curriculum, Safeguarding / LAC & SEND
Mrs Helen Bellinger IEB Member Finance, Pupil Premium, Headteachers Performance Management
Mrs Babs Lynds IEB Member Finance, Pupil Premium, Safeguarding, LAC & SEND
Dr. Jayne Crosse IEB Member Teaching & Learning, Curriculum, Headteachers Performance Management

North Ridge IEB – Pen Portraits – please click to view

IEB Meeting Dates & Attendance

P – Present, A – Apologies Received

Governors Name







Riana Nelson P P P A P
Louise Greatrex P P P P P
Helen Bellinger A P P P P
Dr Jayne Crosse A P P A P
Babs Lynds P P P A P
Paul Ruane (advisory only) P P A P A
Darren Dickinson (advisory only) P A P A A
Lisa Suter (Executive Headteacher) A P P P P
Karl O’Reilly (Executive Headteacher) P P P P P

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