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North Ridge Community School Our Staff & Governors - North Ridge Community School

Our Staff & Governing Body

North Ridge Community School - Staff & Governors

Our School Staff

Our Senior Leadership Team

Lisa Suter Executive Headteacher
Karl O’Reilly Executive Headteacher
Sue Plant Assistant Headteacher
Amanda Armstrong Assistant Headteacher
Sam MacDonald Assistant Headteacher
Cathryne Heyes Pastoral Manager
Joyce Chattin School Business Manager


Our Teaching Staff

Danielle Scott EYFS – Sun Class teacher
Christina Lee Primary – Moon Class Teacher
Evie Tavlaki Primary – Pluto Class Teacher
Colin Atkins Primary – Star Class Teacher
Nichola Rybak Primary – Jupiter Class Teacher
Joanne Aitchison Primary – Neptune Class Teacher
Hannah Lovitt Secondary – Saturn Class Teacher
Jade Soler-Alcaraz Secondary – Venus Class Teachers
Charlotte Norman Secondary – Mercury Class Teacher
Tom Spendlove Post 16 – Class 12A Teacher
Matthew Gambles Post 16 – Class 12B Teacher
Jill Chiddey / Marie McIntyre Post 16 – Class 13 Teachers
Jean Oxley Post 16 – Class 14 Teacher
James Cuddy PE & PPA Cover Teacher


Our Curriculum Support Staff

Samantha Bray Speech & Language Therapist
Sue Kenny Higher Level Teaching Assistant – Duke of Edinburgh Lead
Lynda McMaster Higher Level Teaching Assistant – Behaviour
Kerry Shawcroft Higher Level Teaching Assistant – Primary
Sherry Keenan SEN Support / Medical Officer
Amanda Armer Learning Support Assistant
Beverley Barton Learning Support Assistant
Christopher Bint Learning Support Assistant
Lynne Boyd Learning Support Assistant
Hayley Bardwell Learning Support Assistant
Natalie Bradley Learning Support Assistant
Brenda Cairns Learning Support Assistant
Joanne Collins Learning Support Assistant
Jill Dickinson Learning Support Assistant
Gail Goodall Learning Support Assistant
Sharon Hartley Learning Support Assistant
Dawn Hepworth Learning Support Assistant
Angela Holbrey Learning Support Assistant
Joleen Houghton Learning Support Assistant
Shaun Brown Learning Support Assistant
Violetta Markova-Shopova Learning Support Assistant
Stephen Oxley Learning Support Assistant
Sarah Parkin Learning Support Assistant
Lindsey (Post 16) Learning Support Assistant
Sue Rice Learning Support Assistant
Deborah Sadler Learning Support Assistant
Leanne Scott Learning Support Assistant
Ann Soar Learning Support Assistant
Angela Taylor Learning Support Assistant
Michelle Thompson Learning Support Assistant
Alison Walker Learning Support Assistant
Jane Williamson Learning Support Assistant
Marlena Wilson Learning Support Assistant
Sue Wood Learning Support Assistant
Amanda Bidmead General Classroom Assistant
Zoe Clegg General Classroom Assistant
Pauline Haywood General Classroom Assistant
Teresa Martins-Correia General Classroom Assistant
Elaine Misko General Classroom Assistant
Stewart Wroe General Classroom Assistant


Our Administration Staff

Michelle Moorcroft Senior Finance & Administration Officer
Linda Owen Office Manager & SIMS Data Administration Officer
Diane Reed Finance Administration Officer
Wendy Ramm Administration Assistant & Receptionist


Our Premises Staff

Permission Not Given for Display Site Supervisor


Our Lunchtime Supervision Staff

Amanda Bidmead Lunchtime Supervisor
Gillian Covel Lunchtime Supervisor
Paula Gibbons Lunchtime Supervisor
Karen Harle Lunchtime Supervisor
Hayley Houghton Lunchtime Supervisor
Kerry Jubb Lunchtime Supervisor
Elaine Misko Lunchtime Supervisor
Stewart Wroe Lunchtime Supervisor


Our School Transport Staff
Harry McLaughlin Transport Manager
Diane Reed Transport Administration Officer
Michael Clark School Minibus Driver
Paul Hayes School Minibus Driver
Lisa Haselwood School Minibus Driver
Daniel Mountain School Minibus Driver
David Mountain School Minibus Driver
John Rathbone School Minibus Driver
David Knott School Minibus Driver
Tony Smith School Minibus Driver
Charles Smith School Minibus Driver
Stewart Wroe School Minibus Driver
Hayley Bardwell School Minibus Escort
Lynne Boyd School Minibus Escort
Gail Goodall School Minibus Escort
Joleen Houghton School Minibus Escort
Ann Hampson School Minibus Escort
Lisa Littleford School Minibus Escort
Teresa Martins-Correia School Minibus Escort
Elaine Misko School Minibus Escort
Beverley Moody School Minibus Escort
Andrea Mountain School Minibus Escort
Carol Theaker School Minibus Escort
Sharon Wilkinson School Minibus Escort


Interim Executive Board (IEB) Members

IEB Member

Position on Board


Mrs Riana Nelson IEB Chair Chair of IEB meetings
Mr Darren Dickinson IEB Member Teaching & Learning, Curriculum, Safeguarding / LAC & SEND
Mrs Helen Bellinger IEB Member Finance, Pupil Premium, Headteachers Performance Management
Mrs Babs Lynds IEB Member Finance, Pupil Premium, Safeguarding, LAC & SEND
Dr. Jayne Crosse IEB Member Teaching & Learning, Curriculum, Headteachers Performance Management

North Ridge IEB – Pen Portraits – please click to view

IEB Meeting Dates & Attendance

Governors Name 10.09.18 24.09.18 03.10.18 08.10.18 23.10.18 19.11.18 10.12.18 14.01.19 22.01.19 20.03.19
Riana Nelson P P A P P P P P P P
Louise Greatrex P P P P P P P P P A
Helen Bellinger P P P P P P P P P A
Dr Jayne Crosse P P A P P P P P P A
Babs Lynds P P A P P P P P P A
Paul Ruane (advisory only) P A P A A A A A A A
Darren Dickinson A P A A A A P A P A
Lisa Suter (Executive Head) P P P P P P P P P P
Karl O’Reilly (Executive Head) P P P P P P P P P P

P – Present, A – Apologies Received

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