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Fox Class

Hello from Fox Class

Week beginning 12/04/21

Our Star of the Week is Jacob. He has been taking turns on the therapy swing patiently waiting for his turn when another child was using it. Jacob has also been very helpful around the classroom; sweeping up and using the dustpan and brush put couscous in the bin.

Worth a Mention

Fox has had an amazing session in the Forest School area. We all went out together and had a great time exploring the different spaces.

Our topic is about listening to what we can hear and so we had a session looking at different musical instruments and listening to the sound they made. The boys below played them in time to the music too!



Week Beginning 15th March

Our Star of the Week this week is Esme. She is saying all her letters sounds and having a go at blending. She has also been working hard on her letter formation. Her language work has been amazing this week too! Well Done Esme.

Worth a Mention

Jacob and Mohamed have been writing captions for pictures. They were amazing spelling out the words as they wrote. Fantastic work boys! The pictures below show them working on their letter formation.

All of Fox Class have been excellent during our Letters and Sounds sessions and have enjoyed having a go at forming letters

There has been some great work looking at and tasting healthy food. We even had some great adjectives to describe the food we were eating!


Week Beginning 8th March

Our Stars of the Week are Latisha and Charlie Abel. It is their first week back after a long break and they have been amazing!

We have been having a great time exploring shape through construction activities.

Fox class have been making symmetrical patterns using paint and string and we have also had a go on the computer.


Week Beginning 1st March

Our Star of the week this week is Charlie Roebuck. He started here at North Ridge on Monday and he has had a fantastic week! We have all been so impressed with how well he has settled in and he has done some brilliant work. Well done Charlie!!

This week we have been working hard on our letters and sounds. In science we are looking at different senses and we had to figure out what was in the Feely ox just using our fingers. Some of also went outside finding and naming different objects.

Fox class had a great time on World Book day and when we set up a little café George made a choice from the menu which was great!


Week Beginning 22.02.21


Our Star of the Week this week is Esme Copsey.

It has been our first week back and she has been talking so much! Esme has named objects and joined in with number songs. She also asked for the frog game and played it taking turns with one of her friends.

All Fox class have been working hard this week. We started reading our new story ’Supertato’ and everyone listened really well and answered simple questions about what was happening.

Fox class have also been counting and taking away, ordering pictures by size, painting shapes and recognising ‘empty’ and ‘full’


Week Beginning 08.02.2021

Our Star of the week this week is Katie. She has been amazing us all with her language. She is now combining two words in her speech and listening really well when following instructions. Well Done!

We made some play dough and then made shapes with it using different tools. Everyone had a really good go. Taskin made a square and called it ‘Cake’.

George concentrated well putting keys on a ring. 

Fox Class have also been very brave this week. We have had the climbing frame out and all the children have had a go at exploring the different sections. There was a Wow moment when Maiky finally plucked up the courage to have a go; he was so pleased with himself!


Week commencing 01.02.2021

Our Star of the week this week is Jacob. He has listened and concentrated on his tasks. He did a great job recognising some tricky words during a simple game. Jacob also responded well to instructions with prepositions.

We have also had some WOW moments with week listening to Taskin count! He has been talking more and more since he returned to school after Christmas and so to hear him count has been amazing. He can also follow a repeating pattern!

Fox class have made Pizzas this week and completed some sorting activities.


Week commencing 25.01.2021

Our Star of the week this week is George Fraser!

George has had a great week and he is communicating really well. Asking for a drink using a symbol as well as saying ‘Juice’. He was also our star baker; he knew exactly how to sprinkle to make breadcrumbs!

We all had a great time baking our cheese scones; although I think someone enjoyed eating them more!

We also had fun feeding the Shape Monster!

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