Beaver Class

Welcome to Beaver Class

Week Beginning 12th April.

Hello! We hope you all enjoyed your Easter Break!

The boys in Beaver Class have been very busy! We have been thinking about things that might live in a cave we thought of bats, monsters and bears! Then we looked at photos of cave paintings done by people a long, long time ago and thought of things they may have used. Noah thought they might have used sticks.

We went outside and collected sticks to use and did our own paintings that we are going to put in our cave we are making in class!

We have also made pizzas in a mug!!! It was very unusual but tasted great! We set the timer on the microwave too!

Beaver Of The Week

Korri Eaton, absolutely brilliant counting to 16 and recognizing the numbers 1 – 5!


Week Beginning 22nd March

Beaver Class have been making Easter surprises for people at home including card and biscuit making!

We have been busy measuring our magic beans that we planted before half term! Mckenzie’s is the tallest he needed 31 cubes to measure it! Again we have worked well in PE and worked really well as a team. We have also done some brilliant reading and sounding out letters to read words that include g o c and k, such as gag, cap and got.

We hope you all have a lovely Easter Break.


WC 15th March 2021

Beaver Class have been super Stars once again.

This week we have been making our Superhero Soup using vegetables. We became Super Chefs and had to wash the vegetables as we found them in the ground. We then peeled and chopped the potatoes and carrots! We also washed and dried all the equipment we had used. Noah decided that he wants to be a chef when he grows up! He also suggested we charge people for the soup.

We have also been using a computer programme to create our own pictures using shapes – like the designer Mark Farrow who designs different record and cd covers.


Beaver Of The Week – Tommy – Joe for brilliant work during superhero Soup making, following instructions and not giving up when peeling!


Week commencing 8th March

Shhhhh! Beaver Class have a secret… we have been very busy making Mother’s Day surprises for special people at home.

We have been exploring and tasting different vegetables that we can put into a Super Soup for Supertato! Some of us have been thinking about Healthy and Unhealthy foods too! Noah told everyone that chocolate is unhealthy and vegetables and water is really healthy!

In maths we have been exploring shapes. Some of us pressed shapes into sand! Some of us were able to guess the shapes when Mr. Atkins described them! Do you know how many sides a circle has?

Tom has been taking turns when he played Pop – Up Pirate with Mr. Atkins!

Beaver Of The Week Korri for trying very hard in everything and finding lots of different shapes and naming colours!


WC 22nd February 2021

We hope you have all had a lovely half term break!

This week we have been Superheroes!

We have started the reading the story Supertato! And we became superheroes too! Tim even took phone calls in our Supertato H.Q!

We got dressed up in masks and capes and went looking for Evil Pea – who had escaped! We looked all over school and we spied him in the entrance! We made some more Evil Peas for his gang. They look very naughty!

In PE we warmed up using Super speed, Superhero flying and Mega jumping! It was hard when Mr. Atkins shouted Freeze Ray we all had to freeze. We were brilliant at listening because of our super hearing!

We also split into two teams (Mr. Atkins Super Beavers and Mrs. Norman’s Super Owls) and had to collect the other teams super powers! We worked really really well.

We have also been thinking about keeping healthy! We tried different fruit. Most of us liked the pineapple. We also tried secret superhero fruit juice. Most of us liked the pineapple juice the best. Next week we will be making our own special power drink for Supertato! We will let you know how we get on!

Our Beaver Of The Week is Tom!! He has done some brilliant listening and being using symbols to let grown-ups know if he needs something!


WC 8th February 2021

This week we have been very busy making Valentine’s surprises. We have decorated some lovely gifts and made some secret cards… shhh! It’s a surprise.

Our beans have started growing at last and we started to measure them!

We used our skills in art to make giants faces with clay! We painted them too!

Beaver Of The Week Ronan for painting without being asked


Have a peaceful half term.



WC 25th January 2021

Beaver and Owl Classes have all been superstars again!

Welcome back Tim and Tom! They have both settled really well!

We all loved meeting up with some of our friends who are at home school and listened to a story!

Update on the magic beans! Korri, Cayden, Larissa’s and Sonja’s beans are ALL growing! In class not so well, we are still waiting! In conclusion the magic beans grow better at home!

We have done a Jack and The Beanstalk role-play. Mckenzie enjoyed being mum!

Some of us made red pepper and tomato soup which we all loved! Tristan and Jack loved it that much they had 2 bowls. We are proud that Mrs. Mac didn’t set the fire alarm off!

Some of us made our beanstalk that reaches to the ceiling!

We have been thinking about getting changed into our PE kits which we all tried hard with getting our shirts on the right way round. Some of us found putting our socks on a little tricky!!

We then used the climbing frame again to climb like Jack>.

Beaver Of The Week – Noah Colcombe, for a brilliant retelling of Jack & The Beanstalk.

Jack Hayes – Fantastic all week. Brilliant behaviour!



WC 25th January 2021

Beaver and Owl class Stars of the Week are Tristan for being so brave and climbing the apparatus during PE & Mckenzie for really good behaviour!

We have had a really, really busy week and visited a land far, far away. We have been reading Jack and The Beanstalk! Noah enjoyed being Jack’s mum telling him to
“get to bed!!”

We have made the giants castle from boxes and thought about how we could stick them together! We got very sticky!

During Pe we climbed using skills and being safe like Jack in the story – we think he should have climbed the beanstalk with a ladder, he would have found it easier.

In science we are trying to find out which is the best place to plant magic beans!? We have put a pot on the window sill, one in the fridge and one in our cupboard! Some of us made a predication too! Some of us think it is too cold to grow in the fridge. We shall let you know!


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