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North Ridge Community School Class 13 - North Ridge Community School

Class 13

North Ridge Community School - Class 13

Welcome to Class 13

Week Commencing 13/07/2020

Dear Class 13


I can’t believe how fast our time together has gone over the past few months. I have loved to hear how busy you have been and the new skills you have learnt in this time. You have made us smile and we are very proud of you.

I just wanted you to know you have all been a pleasure to teach and have grown into fine young people. I have known you all many years and enjoyed seeing you flourish into the people you are today. I truly mean it when I say I will really miss you. I am so excited for you all for the new adventures you’re going to have. September will soon be here, look how quickly this time as gone.

Please take care of yourselves and don’t forget you will always be part of North Ridge.


Bye for now


Kerry Shawcroft

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Week commencing 20/04/2020

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Dear Class 13

I hope that you are all well, I am really missing you all. I know it’s really strange not being at school but it will not be long before we are all together soon.

I have found if I set myself a task each day it makes your day my day a little more interesting. I have set you some tasks to do and you will find these on the school web site. I hope you enjoy these and I’m looking forward to seeing and hearing how well you have done.

I hope you have been keeping up with our classes relaxation time that we used at the end of each day. I have put a link on the tasks or if you look on YouTube and look for guided meditation you will find one there. I know how we all used to enjoy this time together and the end of our busy days.

Please take care of yourselves and remember we are one day closer to being back together.

Kind Regards

Kerry Shawcroft

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