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North Ridge Community School Class MOON - North Ridge Community School

Class MOON

North Ridge Community School - Class MOON

Welcome to Moon Class.

Weekly update: 11/06/2018

This week in Moon class we learned about healthy and unhealthy snacks. We love playing games and learning at the same time, so we played games that had to do with healthy living and well-being. We counted vegetables and fruits and found the numbers on the dice.

Another day we learned about the negative impact of bad food choices. We cut and stuck all the unhealthy snacks in suitcases.

On Wednesday we learned how we can stay healthy and keep our bodies working at their best so we read the book “A piece of cake” in the class. In the afternoon we had fruits as a snack and we cut our apples in small pieces.

On Friday we did some sporty activities in the Hall and we had a great time.

Later we created some lovely cards to celebrate  Fathers Day on Sunday 17th June




Weekly update 14-05-2018

This week Moon class was very busy. We started our week with a lot of English activities. We developed our writing skills and practised our reading skills.

Another day we read the very hungry caterpillar in the class. Moon class love this book.

Later this week we enjoyed playing with the music instruments and had fun singing and playing with them.

On Thursday we had Science and we learned some things about frogs. We cut out pictures and put them in the right order so we made a frogs life cycle.


On Friday we celebrated the Royal Wedding. We coloured and decorated a few balloons and later we watched a video about Harry and Megan and learned a few things about them and their wedding. After that we had a party in the class and we had lots of fun!

Weekly update 08-05-2018

This week in Moon class we made our own playdough. We mixed the ingredients and added food colouring and glitter. We use this playdough now in all our sensory activities.

On Tuesday two of our children went to the Forest school trip. They had a lovely time and enjoyed all the activities there. When they came back they shared everything with us and they showed us the pictures


Another day we practised our numeracy skills. We had different counting activities and games.

On Thursday we had Science and we learned things about butterflies. We cut pictures and put them in the right order regarding the life cycle.

On Friday we went to our School Library. We looked at the different types of books and chose some of them to read them in the class. We sat on one of the reading spaces and read a fantastic book.


Weekly update 30-04-2018

This week in Moon class we read the story “Handas surprise” and we described all the animals and the fruits



Another day we had Maths activities and practised our counting and cutting skills

On Thursday we enjoyed the weather and we had a wonderful time with Sun Class in the playground










Weekly Update 16-04-2018

This week Moon class were very busy.  While studying our topic “Creatures” we read “The Rainbow Fish” in class and created fishes using plastic bottles.

In terms of a threading activity, we made beautiful fishes for our display.


Another day we watched the film “The Little Mermaid” and we created a fantastic mermaid using different materials.


At the end of the week we enjoyed the sunny weather! We put on our hats, applied sun cream and played beautifully in our playground area.


Weekly update- 18-03-2018

While studying our topic “Clothes” we set up a clothes shop in our class. Children helped each other to hang and fold clothes. They played different roles, discussed things they would like to buy and helped customers to find what they were looking for.

We also sorted socks with different colours and patterns into pairs. Children could find the pairs and peg them up, with the wooden clothes pegs.

We read together   “The emperor’s new clothes”  book and children had the chance to do most of the actions. They enjoyed hearing and acting out the story.



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