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North Ridge Community School Class NEPTUNE - North Ridge Community School


North Ridge Community School - Class NEPTUNE

Welcome to Neptune Class

Neptune Class are enjoying the Summer Term. We are learning about Healthy Living and have completed lots of exciting activities.

Football Fever

We enjoyed a super session of football skills and games with Huddersfield Town. Simran said, “It was lots of fun.” We have also been following the World Cup and making different flags, learning about different countries and ‘star’ players. “Come on England.”

Samba Drums with Tim

Neptune Class have thoroughly loved playing the samba drums. We can follow three different rhythms and play our patterns in a round. However, our favourite thing is playing our drums really LOUD!

 Healthy Living

Neptune Class are working hard on our topic of Healthy Living. We have made some healthy snacks and have completed lots of different exercises (PE and relaxation).

Half Term Update

Neptune Class are coming to the end of a very busy half term. We have enjoyed reading and watching the classic poem by Edward Lear “The Owl and the Pussycat.”

Food Technology

We enjoyed making and eating banana boats inspired by the ‘pea green boat’ in “The Owl and the Pussycat.” Marcel said, “The banana boat tasted delicious.”

Creative Dance and Mini-Circuits

We have enjoyed performing street dance and cheerleading routines with Creative Dance. Miss Morgan also taught the pupils at the lunchtime club. Jamie Lee said, “I love dancing.” Everyone has enjoyed the min-circuits in PE lessons and all the pupils worked very hard.



The Royal Wedding

Neptune Class enjoyed the special party to mark the Wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. All the pupils dressed up and they looked FAB!

Update April 2018

Neptune Class is busy working on their new topic about ‘Creatures’. We have looked at Spring Creatures e.g. animals and their young, St George and the Dragon, The Little Mermaid and the ‘The Blue Planet’.



We have enjoyed designing and making persuasive posters about sea creatures and plastic waste.

Simran said, “Don’t you dare throw plastic in the sea. Save the sea animals.” Jamie Lee said, “I enjoyed making a poster.”


Neptune Class have been doing lots of hard maths work. We have just started the topic ‘Fractions’ and everyone is working really hard finding halves and quarters of objects/shapes to halving and doubling quantities.

Forest School

Neptune Class enjoy a weekly session of Forest School and have been making a ‘Bug Hotel’. “I enjoy Forest School. Its lots of fun” said Marcel.


We also have some new working walls for English and Maths with some challenging and exciting activities.


Our working walls also have pupils’ work that ‘Shines’ – where they have tried really hard and we want to celebrate their success.

English & Maths

We are really enjoying listening to and writing about ‘The Smartest Giant in Town’ – “I think the Giant is very kind.” (Jamie Lee)


In Maths, we are working very hard on counting and place value. “I like hard maths.” (Simran)

Physical Education

During PE lessons, we are keeping active and developing new skills. “It is lots of fun!” (Marcel)

23rd March 2018

Neptune Class have had a busy half term – we have worked very hard and had lots of fun.

Food Technology

We have been busy making a range of different biscuits. “I liked the chocolate nests best,” said Simran.

Marcel said that, “Baking is fun.” We have also had some fab comments from parents/carers about our biscuits. Thank you!

Samba with Parents

It was lovely to have our parents in school to join us for another samba session.

Mae and Kenzi-Dean really enjoyed playing the drums with their mums and making lots of noise.

Lots of Socks

Neptune Class proudly wore their odd socks for World Down Syndrome Day. We also watched the inspirational carpool karaoke video.

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