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North Ridge Community School Class PLUTO - North Ridge Community School


North Ridge Community School - Class PLUTO

Welcome to Pluto Class

22nd March 2019

On Wednesday during the Employability day the local Fire Engine came to visit our school. Pluto Class had the chance to meet the fire fighters and dressed up as one. We really enjoyed it! Later the same day we dressed up as doctors and nurses and had lots of fun in our class. In the afternoon a joiner came in our classroom and we had the opportunity to watch him working and we had a go with his tools. It was a fun day and we loved learning about different jobs

Week 03.12.18

This week Pluto class was very busy. On Monday we visited the Art room to make some Christmas trees and colour some baubles. We used different colours and lots of glitter.


Another day we learned a lot of things about winter. We talked about what happens in winter, the changes that are happening and the hibernation.


Later that week we had our PE session. We enjoyed rolling the dice and copying the actions.  We also practised listening and following instructions.


On Friday we got dressed as Elves as it was an Elf Day and we had lots of fun and play.

Weekly update: 26/11/2018

This Week Pluto class were very busy. As part of our Maths topic we explored shapes, we drew outlines of them and we made trains, houses, snowmen and cats by using different paper shapes.


We also practised our reading and spelling skills.

While having Science we talked about the seasonal changes and the winter.

Weekly update: 19.11.2018

As part of our Maths topic Pluto class went outside to practise counting and creating different shapes by using leaves


Another day we did an excellent job by practising letters and sounds

Week 08.10.2018

This week we used the hurdles to encourage our children to run and jump.

Another day while having a Science lesson and talking about the human body, we used play-dough to make objects for some parts of the body.

Later this week we worked on letter e, tracing lines over it and trying to find words that begin with e in our favourite books.

On Thursday we went in our playground area to collect leaves and pebbles in order to use them for our Maths activities.

We then used those leaves for our Creativity session.



For our PE session we did good listening and good sitting and we practised start and stop actions with great success.

Weekly Update: 01.10.2018


Pluto Class had lots of fun this week. On Monday we were practising our counting skills by counting colourful balls and then we sorted them out in different colours.


At the same time another group had to count blocks forwards and backwards.


Another day as part of our Science topic we used sponges to paint


On Thursday we worked on the idea of subtraction using apples, egg boxes and Lego.


On Friday we used the mirrors to look ourselves to make self-portraits using different materials

Week: 24.09.2018

It was a busy week for Pluto class. We learned letters and sounds and practised our writing skills.

Another day we practised our counting by fishing! We caught a lot of number-fishes!


On Thursday we talked about the human body and we pointed to some parts of our bodies.

On Friday as part of our PHSCE session children cut and stuck things that they like or dislike and created their own collage

Weekly update

Our first week back in school was amazing. We are very excited to be back. The first days we explored the classroom to find new things and our favourite areas.


Another day we practised our reading and writing skills


On Thursday we celebrated the Roald Dahl Day in style by dressing as our favourite characters from the beloved author.

On Friday we had our yoga session. We really enjoyed it and had lots of fun.



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