Frog Class

Hi everyone, welcome to our Frog class blog! Each week we will be uploading lots of fun things for you to see! There will be pictures, information and our achievements from the week! We will do a Frog of the week and a WOW moment for each child.


Last week we loved being outdoors and in the snow with our friends and family. Look at how much fun we had- even the staff had some snow fun too! 🙂

Frog of the week:

This week our Frog of the week is Ollie! Ollie has been working independently in his Maths work and is doing so well counting different quantities and matching them to the numbers. Well done Ollie 😄


WOW moments:

Keon: Participating in new activities for a longer duration of time

Logan: Always coming to do his work when asked the first time

Riley: Focusing on his pencil control when tracing his name

Emmanuel: Completing challenging puzzles independently

Harry: Exchanging a wider range of symbols to communicate


Keep up the great work everyone!!


We have been loving:

This week Frog class have been loving playdough activities – you could try this fine motor activity at home!

YouTube link


Make sure you check the page each week to see what we have been up to!!

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