Hedgehog Class


Class teacher: Danielle Scott

LSAs: Eliza, Teresa, Beth and Sue.

Hello and welcome to Hedgehog Class blog. Each week we will share a snap shot of our learning, achievements and any information you may need.

You will also be able to see our Hedgehog of the Week!


This week we kicked started our new topic: Did you hear that?

We will be listening and learning about environmental sounds!

We will be reading: ‘Polar Bear, Polar Bear what do you hear?

Hedgehog Class have had a super first week back at school, we got straight back into the swing of things!

Here are some photos of our learning!




This week we have continuing to develop our independence and life skills, we have been trying really hard to get changed into our P.E kits and then back into our school uniforms as independently as possible!

In Forest school we went on an Easter Egg Hunt! There were six eggs to find, all pupils managed to find the eggs.



This week we have been focusing on our Personal, Social and Emotional skills.

During P.E we used the parachute to develop our interaction with others. We had to work together as a whole class to hold the parachute and to move it up and down. It was so much fun, we even ran and stood underneath it!

In Maths we have been grouping and sorting different objects.




This week in Hedgehog Class all pupils are back at school! It has been fantastic to be all together again.

This week we have been engaging and completing shape sorters, threading tasks and jigsaws in Maths, In English we have been manipulating Play Dough to develop our fine motor skills.

We also got very messy during a painting and finger painting activity when making something special!



This week Hedgehog Class have been super busy!

We have engaged within lots of different activities and learning experiences.

On Tuesday we went outside to the Forest School area, we have been learning how to move our bodies in different ways. We have been running, walking, jumping and balancing!

On Thursday it was World Book Day!

We had so much fun reading lots of stories and dressing up as our class theme “Old Macdonald had a farm”.



This week we kicked started our new topic: Superheroes Rule!

We will be learning all and doing all things Super!

We have been reading Supertato and we have been making Super hero masks using three different shapes.

We have also been very active and copying simple actions.



This week we have been developing our pre writing skills by mark making with lots of different medias and materials.

In Maths we have been singing our favourite numbers songs and counting fruit from the story ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’.

We have also been singing different nursery rhymes and playing musical instruments during our music session this week, we have even been singing our favourite songs with our friends who are learning at home.

All the pupils have worked extremely hard over this half term, they have showed so much resilience and perseverance.

Thank you to all our Parents/Careers for your continued support.




On Tuesday school was closed because it was snowing!!

That did not stop us from having fun though!

In English we have been working really hard, developing our pre writing skills. We have done this through manipulating play dough.

We have also been looking at photos of our families for our topic work.



This week we have been super busy!

In P.E we have been developing our Gross Motor skills by completing sensory circuits which involved climbing, jumping and crawling.

During Make and Bake we made a fruit salad. We have been chopping different and trying new textures.

We also had Hedgehog class story time with our friends who are learning at home. We listening to the story: The Very Hungry Caterpillar.



In Hedgehog Class we are reading Handa’s surprise. From reading the story we have been learning about different fruits and vegetables. We have been exploring the fruits from the book using our different senses!


We have also had a very first ‘Hedgehog Hello’ via Microsoft Teams. We really loved seeing our friends who are learning at home. We miss them very much! We said hello to each other and sang some of our favourite songs.


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