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North Ridge Community School - Maths

Maths at North Ridge Community School

Mathematics is taught throughout the whole of the school.  It is a core subject and key skill.

In Sun, Moon, Pluto, Mars and Jupiter classes pupils have fun activities and adult led sessions to help them develop their maths skills. They learn through play.

In Neptune, Saturn, Mercury and Venus maths is taught as a discrete subject and cross-curricular.  Maths is embedded in practical activities and daily classroom routines.

In Sixth Form maths is taught as a life skill with the focus on number, money and time.  Students use their maths skills and knowledge at Harmony House, during food technology lessons, travel training and shopping. (Independent Living)

Maths at home

Use everyday objects for counting, look for numbers everywhere, practice recognising coins, discuss the weather and the sequence of the day.  See the Parents Guide for further ideas.

Remember “Maths if Fun”


The Mathematics Curriculum

The Mathematics Curriculum at North Ridge Community School is a working document.

It has been developed and designed to meet the needs of all the pupils.

A curriculum tailored for NRCS.

The curriculum uses the White Rose Maths scheme as a core.

Phase 1 (Primary)

Phase 2 (Secondary)

Phase 3 (6th Form)

The phases are designed so that pupils will be working at an appropriate stage and level.

It should be age appropriate and challenging.

Some pupils may always be in the sensory section of the units, while some pupils may start a key stage ‘Working Towards’ and finish the phase at the ‘Expected’ or ‘Greater Depth’ section (lateral learning).

There are also links to the EYFS curriculum (months have been replaced with E1 –E6 numbers so that it is more age appropriate for older pupils).

Sensory – each maths unit has a sensory section to meet the needs of the pupils working below P4.

Each unit can be linked to ‘real life’ mathematics and accreditations.

Each Phase contains different units. These units are designed to support a mastery approach to teaching and learning and have been designed to support the aims and objectives of the National Curriculum.

Number is at the heart – this will enable pupils to develop their number competency.

The units ensure that all pupils cover depth before breadth. There is a focus on ‘deeper learning’.

Reasoning and problem solving are linked into every unit to allow pupils to work at greater depth.

The units build on the concept of Concrete-Pictorial-Abstract (this provides the opportunity for all pupils to build competency)

Concrete – using manipulatives and representations as a ‘scaffold’.

Manipulatives can be used to support pupils of all ages – the decision to remove manipulatives should be made in response to the pupils’ improved knowledge and understanding and not their age (Improving Mathematics in Key Stages Two and Three – 2017)

Pictorial – pupils should use pictorial representations (reason and problem solve).

Abstract – both concrete and pictorial representations should support pupil’s understanding of abstract methods.

Phase 1 Maths Yearly Overview- please click to view

Phase 2 Maths Yearly Overview – please click to view

Phase 3 Maths Yearly Overview – please click to view


At North Ridge Community School we believe we have a curriculum where every pupil can succeed!

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