Oak Class

Welcome to Oak Class


Striving to achieve the most we can. Throughout the year, we provide an exciting and varied curriculum which enables pupils to develop key reading, writing and mathematical skills as well as promoting a love of learning and developing essential life skills including problem solving, self-awareness and social skills, managing feelings, empathy, reasoning and creative thinking.

Teaching is also undertaken outside the classroom during carefully planned visits/activities which allow the pupils to demonstrate their confidence in a range of situations. This helps learners to consolidate and apply their skills to different contexts; therefore, extending their learning.


We have had a busy and productive week. Pupils have been working hard on their literacy and numeracy skills, learning about verbs and measuring length and height. We have learnt about the human life cycle and pupils have produced some excellent work using the computers to research and design information leaflets. We have also started our Acorn Cafe again this week and pupils used a variety of skills to help prepare the takeout orders for staff.

Pupil of the week is Kelsey for designing and producing a very informative leaflet on the human life cycle. Well done Kelsey!!

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