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Striving to achieve the most we can. Throughout the year, we provide an exciting and varied curriculum which enables pupils to develop key reading, writing and mathematical skills as well as promoting a love of learning and developing essential life skills including problem solving, self-awareness and social skills, managing feelings, empathy, reasoning and creative thinking.

Teaching is also undertaken outside the classroom during carefully planned visits/activities which allow the pupils to demonstrate their confidence in a range of situations. This helps learners to consolidate and apply their skills to different contexts; therefore, extending their learning.


Week commencing 12/04/21

It has been lovely to finally have all the students back in Oak class.  We have enjoyed our morning communication sessions finding out what everyone has been up to during the Easter holidays.

We started a new topic in Maths this week.  We have been learning about time.  Students were introduced to new terminology such as AM and PM and started to tell the time and draw hands on a clock.  Some students were able to use their knowledge of how long a minute and hour is to work out problems involving time.

We have been concentrating on writing this week and making sure students are using correct letter formation, punctuation and grammar when writing their sentences.  Students have produced some excellent work and a special mention needs to go to Kelsey for using some amazing adjectives in her work.

We have been busy in the outdoor learning area continuing with the paths and building a new bug hotel.  During the D of E lesson some students were able to pitch their own tents which was a massive achievement.  We have started crocheting at break time and Kelsey was able to make a hat, she is now looking at more intricate designs, watch this space!!

Student of week:  This week goes to Lacey!!  She has returned to school after such a long period of working from home and it is like she has never been away.  Her positive attitude and work ethic has been second to none.  She has produced some excellent independent work in Maths and was able to correctly identify all of the times given to her.  During her D of E session, she listened to instructions carefully and was able to help others.  Well done Lacey, you have worked really hard and we are so proud of you.


Week commencing 22nd March 2021:

We have a had a fab end to the Spring Term.  The students really enjoyed the Red Nose Day activity last Friday when they were able to throw wet sponges at some of the teachers (not sure the teachers were as happy about it! 😁)

In Math’s this week students have been consolidating their knowledge of graphs and charts and reading and displaying data.  We are starting our new topic next term which is money and time and hopefully we will be able to use these skills out and about in the local area.

Students have been completing a variety of written assessments in English and have been practicing writing sentences and using adjectives and conjunctions.

Students have been learning to cook on a Trangia during their D of E lesson.  They are now able to independently put them together correctly and cook a basic meal.

We had a live Teams session with Maxine from the Community Cafe where she spoke about a variety of opportunities for our young people to be able to volunteer in different job roles.  These job roles included working in the cafe, dog walking and gardening and floristry.  We are all really excited to get started in the summer term and show them what we can do.

Student of the week:  Kacper is our student of the week.  He has produced some lovely written work and is starting to improve his letter formation and sentence structures.  Well done, Kacper, we are so proud of you.

We are looking forward to everyone being back in class after the Easter break and wish everyone a lovely half term.


Week Commencing 15/03/2021:

Oak Class have had another busy and exciting week.  We were lucky to have a live Q&A session with a local business that sorts and delivers food parcels and also regenerates local areas.  We are really excited to be able to work with them in the future and for the students to volunteer and experience different roles as well as helping others.  More information to follow so please watch this space!!

Students have been working on their grammar this week and have learnt about adverbs in order to describe a verb.   They were able to identify adverbs and the verbs they describe and use them in a sentence of their own.

In Maths we moved on from block and bar graphs to line graphs.  Students collected suitable data, displayed it in a line graph and made numerical comparisons.

We are progressing well with the outdoor area and have started to design and make new sensory paths for the students using logs and tyres.  Both staff and students enjoyed testing them out!!  We also managed to clear and tidy the shed, so we are able to store all of equipment we need when working outside.  It was nice to have a bit sunshine this week instead of the wet and cold weather we are used to.

Student of the week:   Student of the week goes to Jake!!  Jake has not only worked extremely hard this week, but he has been really helpful in class and offered to help not only staff but other students.  Well done, Jake!

Adam made a fabulous chocolate cake  on Friday and did it independently.



We have had such an amazing week welcoming back all the students that were working from home during lockdown.  They have settled in well and worked really hard all week.

Students have been continuing with the topic of finding and extracting the main points of text in English this week and have been able to use key words to find information and answer comprehension questions.  They are starting to use their dictionaries to check spellings and meanings of words, which is pleasing to see.

In Maths we moved on from tally charts to block and bar graphs.  Students collected suitable data and recorded this using a bar chart.  They also learnt about how to use the scale and axis to read and extract information and make numerical comparisons.

We had a special visitor in our one of our live Maths lessons.  Lacey joined us and produced an excellent block graph using information from a tally chart.  Well done, Lacey!! 🙂

This week in computing students were given a task search for specific information on the internet and copy this into a Word document.  They used various skills such as, copy and paste special, highlight shortcuts, cropping and text wrapping a picture and saving to a USB drive.

We had another live lesson from Drax Power Station and this week we looked at the weather and why it was important to predict what the weather will be like.  We then made our own rain gauges, which will be placed outside so we are able to measure the rainfall over the next 2 weeks.

Student of the week ​– This week the student of the week goes to Isabelle.  She has returned to school and worked extremely hard in every lesson, especially in Maths and English.   She has had a positive outlook and worked independently to complete a variety of tasks to a very high standard.  We are so proud of you Isabelle, keep up the excellent work!! 😊



The week has been careers week and we have been looking at a variety of careers and job roles.  Students researched their chosen job role and created a fact sheet on the computer using their ICT skills.

In Maths we started our new topic on handling information and data.  We looked at recording information using a tally chart and interpreting the results.  The students were able to create their own tally charts recording information such as colour of eyes or favourite pizza toppings.

In English the focus was on reading and finding and extracting the main points using key words.  Students learnt how to use a dictionary to find the meaning of words and write lists in alphabetical order.

On Thursday we were very grateful to have a visit from VIY to deliver a project day.  Volunteer It Yourself combines DIY and volunteering by delivering ‘early intervention’ construction sector employability skills and careers training in schools.  The one-day project focused on the trade of carpentry. It allows the students to undertake building something and completing it in one school day.  We enjoyed designing and building various items for our playground area including a bench, table and planter.

Student of the week was Kalam.  He has worked really hard in both Maths and English this week and completed all of his work in record time.  He really enjoyed the reading tasks and was able to challenge and stretch himself by completing some higher-level work.  Well done, Kalam, you’ve been amazing this week!!

Well done to the home learners this week and especially Isabelle who has been very busy both completing her Maths and English work and also cooking different meals.



Week commencing 22-02-2021

We have had a great first week back after the half term break.  All the students have worked extremely hard and shown amazing resilience under the current restrictions we are facing.

We have completed our measuring topic this week and concluded with capacity.  Students practised measuring the capacity of different items in ml and litres and also learnt how to compare capacity and volumes using key terminology such as half full, quarter full and nearly empty.  I never would have thought that teenagers would love playing with water so much!! 😊

As the weather is improving week on week, we were able to start our outdoor learning curriculum again.  There was a lot of rubbish still to clear and every class member helped to make the area a safer place for the younger students.  It is looking great, and we can’t wait to start making campfires and using the Kelly Kettles.

In the D of E lesson, the students were practising putting up tents again, and even though we have not done this for a few weeks now we were really impressed how they all worked together to help each other and ask questions if they were not sure.  Amazing communication Oak Class!!

On Thursday we were lucky to have a live interactive session with our Enterprise Advisor from Drax Power Station.  Students from the Secondary and 6th Form departments learnt about the water cycle and were able to make their own models.  The students really enjoyed making their own water cycle in a bag and they are currently hanging on the window so we can observe the results over the coming weeks.

We have had some amazing work being sent in from home this week.  Isabelle and Lacey have been super busy making posters, doing the washing, cooking and completing various DIY projects.  Keep up the hard work girls, we are proud of you!!  Isabelle was able to research and produce an information poster on Pancake Day.  some very interesting facts, well done Isabelle.

Shrove Tuesday poster

Student of the week…..  goes to Alex.  He has returned to school this week raring to go and with a very positive attitude; he has been ready to learn from day one.  He has been really organised and went above and beyond in the outdoor learning session when helping to tidy the area and was able to work with others and use great communication skills.  Well done, Alex, amazing work from you this week, keep it up!!




This week students have been learning about capacity and the different ways in which you can measure volume.  We had fun practising comparing measures using different objects and some students were able to solve practical problems using both imperial and non-imperial measurements.   In English we have learnt how to write a recount and students were able to recall their weekend news and reflect on a special day from their past.


We had a special birthday this week.  Adam was 18!!!!  Happy Birthday Adam and thank you for the lovely cake.

Our home learners have been working very hard since lockdown and sending me lots of amazing work.  I would like to say a special mention to my home learner of the week Lacey.  Lacey has worked very hard since being off school and we are so proud of her dedication and perseverance.  I have received some excellent work including a video of Lacey trying out therapy drawing where she fills her body of things she likes or wants to express.  Well done Lacey, keep up the excellent work!!

Adam has been chosen as student of the week.  Over the past few weeks, he has been more willing to participate in a range of activities that otherwise he would refuse to take part in. In DofE he put up his tent independently remembering from when he last did it 3 years ago and also worked with another pupil to help put up a gazebo. His baking skills are amazing and week on week he grows in confidence and is so proud of his achievements.  Well done Adam!!

I would also like to give a special mention to Rachael. She has had a great week, joining in with all the activities and being a good friend to others.  Well done Rachael we are so proud of you.



We have been working very hard this week on extending our measuring skills.  Students made their own scales and compared the weight of objects in the classroom as well as using a variety of scales to read and measure weight.  During the outdoor learning lesson students worked together as a team to erect a gazebo following a set of instructions from another student.  This is in preparation for when they undertake the D of E expedition.  We have been learning about Christianity and students were able to design a PowerPoint presentation on what they had learnt and feed this back to the rest of the class.

Student of the week is McKenzie for engaging in class discussions and answering a variety of questions. Well done McKenzie, you have worked really hard this week in every subject.




We have had a busy and productive week. Pupils have been working hard on their literacy and numeracy skills, learning about verbs and measuring length and height. We have learnt about the human life cycle and pupils have produced some excellent work using the computers to research and design information leaflets. We have also started our Acorn Cafe again this week and pupils used a variety of skills to help prepare the takeout orders for staff.

Pupil of the week is Kelsey for designing and producing a very informative leaflet on the human life cycle. Well done Kelsey!!

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