Otter Class

Otter Class

Hello and welcome to our page.

I will take this opportunity to introduce you to the team. I’m Matt, the class teacher and our class is supported by Lindsey and Sue.

Otters are very social animals and know that they work best as a group. As a class we share this trait and encourage each other through each of our North Ridge journeys. In Otter Class, we always treat each other with respect and have high expectations of ourselves and each other as we strive towards excellence in everything we do.

In our class, we offer a supportive environment where learners are encouraged towards being as independent as possible. We encourage students to learn the value of overcoming challenges and having the resilience to succeed when they make mistakes. Remember, FAIL stands for First Attempt In Learning!

We like to ensure that students enjoy their time in class as school should be among the best days of your life. Therefore, we encourage a balanced curriculum where they can blend academic and practical skills all of which will help them now and in the future.

Please continue to keep us updated via SeeSaw. It is also an amazing tool to show us WOW moments from home!


We’ve had a fantastic week back after a well-earned Easter break. The students have all come back refreshed and have hit the ground running.

This week, the class have really shown what they can do in all areas but they have particularly impressed in the kitchen. It is clear that many of them are doing this at home as they have shown themselves to be safe, efficient and, most importantly, their food looks amazing!

We would all like to wish Connor a belated Happy Birthday for last week. I know he isn’t one for fuss but we are saying it anyway!

Finally, our ‘Star of the Week’ this week goes to Connor. He has come back and picked up where he left off and really impressed us all!

Every single member of the class could fell slightly aggrieved that it isn’t them as a case could be made for everyone so if they keep this up the staff and I are really going to have some selection headaches in the weeks to come.




This week we have continued our work on time and writing news articles. The class have done amazingly well and have really started to have a good grasp of both concepts.

The group must have been practicing at home as the tent erecting skills have really come on over the past week. I’m sure that come the Duke of Edinburgh they will be able to get them up in no time at all come rain or shine!

Congratulations this week to Jake B for being our star of the week. He has done some amazing English and Maths work and has come on amazingly well in his own independence and life skills.

Have a good Easter everyone!


15.03.21 – 19.03.21

This week we have had a focus on writing news articles in English around an area of interest. The students planned their writing from scratch and formally completed their report later in the week. We have also focused on time in maths which is also a fantastic life skill for everyone to have. The students enjoyed throwing sponges at staff as part of Red Nose Day and we raised lots of money while doing it.

Congratulations this week to Emily for doing ‘the double!’ Emily had been off school for over a year and came back to school and fitted straight back into everything and it was like she had never been away. In recognition of this she won both ‘Star of the Week’ and ‘The Headteacher’s Award’ Well Done!



08.03.21 – 12.03.21

This week we have continued to look at real life super heroes including the personal heroes of the individual students and the students themselves looking at why they are heroes. We have encouraged them to look at their own skills and achievements (their superpowers), things they still need help with (powers they can work on) and who can help them (their sidekicks).

In maths we have been looking at shapes and symmetry and the class as ever have really impressed in this area.

We have practiced our DofE skills including putting up tents and the sleeping bag challenge where students are timed in a head to head battle on who can pack away their sleeping bag. Every student did the challenge in very good time and all should be proud but Aleksei was the overall winner. I’m sure everyone else in the class will be looking to win next time!

As always, the class have really impressed in cookery and have got the skills to make their own snacks at home (although some supervision may be required if using the oven, hob or sharp tools) or to help prepare breakfast in bed for Mother’s Day!

Congratulations this week to Aleksei for being our star of the week. He has worked really hard in English and maths but has really impressed all of us with his leadership skills and for his skills in the kitchen. Well done!

Finally, a Happy Birthday from all of us to Simran. We hope you had a great day with lots of cake and presents!



01.03.21 – 05.03.21

We have had a really busy week in class this week and the class have really impressed all of us with their hard work in all areas. As you know, we have been focusing on real life super heroes as part of our topic work and we have used this when researching and writing about Captain Sir Tom Moore as part of our English work. We have done some amazing work on number bonds in maths and, as always, the class have really impressed in their cookery and PE sessions.

We couldn’t pick just one star of the week this week (and we really did try) so congratulations to both Kaiden and Marcel.

Both students have tried extra hard this week in all areas but particularly their maths and English and have both shown an improved attitude and effort to their learning. Well done!

22.02.21 – 26.02.21

We have had a good first week back after half term and the class have really hit the ground running. We have been focusing on real life superheroes as part of our English and topic work and in maths we have been focusing on various number bonds. We had a special science lesson this week where the students looked at the water cycle and have made an experiment which we are checking on every day.


01.02.21 – 05.02.21

As it is children’s mental health week, we have spent a lot of time looking at what mental health is and what we like to do to ensure that we stay positive and feel happy.

As the weather hasn’t been ideal, the Duke of Edinburgh students had to improvise and put up a tent in the classroom. Well done to the Fantastic 4 who managed to use a lot of teamwork and problem solving abilities to make it stand up.

Star of the Week:

Our Star of the Week this week is Jake M for trying really hard, doing some fantastic work in maths and for his teamwork abilities in PE. Well done!

Our Virtual Star of the Week is Jake B for working really hard at home, being really independent and logging into bingo with the class.

Well done to you both and to everyone else in class too as it was a really difficult decision to only select one winner for each.


Badger/Otter Class

18.01.21 – 22.01.21


This week, the students have done some fantastic work in their English and maths. We have been focusing on Jack and the Beanstalk in English as part of our wider topic on ‘New Beginnings.’ In maths, the class has been focusing on number with some students working on their rounding skills and others on working out which numbers come ‘before and after.’


While we miss the students who are not in school, it has been great to see them take part in our online lessons via Teams. This has enabled everyone to see their friends and will have no doubt helped the students’ mental health and wellbeing.


Congratulations to Marcel who is now a teenager after his birthday on the 22nd January!


Star of the Week:

We have decided to keep nominating stars of the week as it is important that the students’ hard work is noticed and appreciated.


Last week, Kaiden was our winner for a huge improvement in his maturity and behaviour.


This week the in school star of the week is Simran for outstanding work in English and Maths.

It was a truly difficult choice as there were many others who impressed throughout the week.


Not forgetting those at home, we have our first Virtual Star of the Week winners.

It has been impossible to just pick one so congratulations to Emily and Macy for logging onto teams every day and continuing to do your school work from home.


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