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Sign of the week 1st June

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We understand that these are challenging times and it can be hard explaining to children why they can’t  go to school. Please find a link below to some resources which will help explain the current situation to your child. Please be aware, that we will be adding to these resources; however if there is a particular situation you are struggling with, please let a member of staff at school know and we will be happy to help.

Speech and Language Resources Link

Watch a video of Sam reading ‘Someone Swallowed Stanley’

Activity ideas to develop understanding and use of language through the use of ;



Symbols – Lego

Symbols – Outside

Symbols – Small World and Transport

Symbols – Tea Set and Home Corner

Symbols – Writing and Homework

Tea Set and Food

Transport Toys

Visual Timetables

Objects of Reference

Intensive Interaction

Lego Therapy Info Sheet


Letters and Sounds Online Lessons

This is a great resource to use to help our young people with their reading.
Have a look at the Phase 2 “Learning to Blend”.
If your child is confident with blending have a look at the other clips!

Speech and Language at North Ridge  – Full document of how Speech and Language is taught in school

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