Squirrel Class

Squirrel Class

A warm welcome to Squirrel Class


I am the Class Teacher (Jo Aitchison) and Angela and Debbie are the LSAs in Squirrel Class.

In Squirrel Class, we engage our pupils with exciting and challenging lessons and activities.

Life Skills and Sensory Processing

We are developing some important life skills. The main skill is centered around pupils beginning to develop their own strategies for self-regulating. This will enable them to understand their feelings and think about what they need to do so that they are in a ‘Just Right’ state and ready to learn.

They will be independent and empowered learners.


We want our pupils to make mistakes when the stakes are low so they know what to do when they are older and the stakes are higher. Life is messy.  We need to teach pupils how to embrace their mistakes.


Obviously, we also love having fun and enjoying our time at school as much as possible.

Keeping Updated

Please keep us updated. Seesaw is an amazing platform to share special moments, achievements and important information. You can upload photos, videos and work too.

Let’s work together!


Squirrel Class in action – We are very busy Squirrels!


Week beginning 18/01/2021

We always start every day with exercise so that we are ready to learn. Look at us doing our yoga exercises and trying to keep up with Joe Wicks!

Teams Lessons

We love working together and during Lockdown, we are learning in the classroom and with our pupils at home via Teams lessons. Kenzi said, “This is the best way to learn at home.” Aimee said, “See friends” so we are also supporting the pupils’ wellbeing and mental health during these sessions.


The pupils loved the snowy weather and this inspired them to make a large snowman sculpture. We worked together to create it!



Oliver for writing his name on his own and for making everyone smile with his positive and cheery attitude.

Worth a Mention


Mae wrote some amazing descriptive writing including similes and adjectives. Brendan wrote an amazing piece of work about winter scene and posted it on Seesaw. Well done!!


For all enquiries call us on 01302 720790 or email us