Squirrel Class

Squirrel Class

A warm welcome to Squirrel Class

I am the Class Teacher (Jo Aitchison) and Angela and Debbie are the LSAs in Squirrel Class.

In Squirrel Class, we engage our pupils with exciting and challenging lessons and activities.

Life Skills and Sensory Processing

We are developing some important life skills. The main skill is centered around pupils beginning to develop their own strategies for self-regulating. This will enable them to understand their feelings and think about what they need to do so that they are in a ‘Just Right’ state and ready to learn.

They will be independent and empowered learners.


We want our pupils to make mistakes when the stakes are low so they know what to do when they are older and the stakes are higher. Life is messy.  We need to teach pupils how to embrace their mistakes.


Obviously, we also love having fun and enjoying our time at school as much as possible.

Keeping Updated

Please keep us updated. Seesaw is an amazing platform to share special moments, achievements and important information. You can upload photos, videos and work too.

Let’s work together!


Squirrel Class in action – We are very busy Squirrels!

Week beginning 12/04/2021

We hope that you have all had a lovely Easter Break! It is fantastic to have all pupils back in Squirrel Class.

Wellbeing – Physical Education

We do daily exercises and a weekly PE lesson – Summer says that PE makes her happy and Brendan said that he had lots of fun and he feels good.

SEND Challenge

We have started work on the Doncaster SEND Challenge and ‘What Doncaster means to me’ – we have been looking at our favourite places.


Brianne for amazing addition and subtraction work in mathematics.

Worth a Mention

Jack for successfully returning to class after a long period shielding.


Week beginning 22/03/2021

Squirrel Class have had a fantastic half term – thank you for all your support!

Easter Activities

We have made chocolate nests to share with the class – Kenzi thought they were delicious.

Easter Cards

We have also made Easter cards to celebrate the special holiday. We hope you like them – Have a super Easter.

 Louie for telling the time accurately.


Worth a Mention

Brianne for being totally engaged in her learning – she always gives 100%.



Week beginning 15/03/2021

Another week has flown past – just one more week until the Easter holidays!

Rain Gauges

Squirrel Class have now had two sessions with Drax – where we have been learning about the water cycle and making rain gauges. We have also learnt some scientific vocabulary (evaporation, condensation and precipitation).

St Patrick’s Day

Squirrel Class have enjoyed learning about St Patrick’s day – we also made some Irish Champ to celebrate the special day!

Brianne for telling the time accurately.

Worth a Mention

Aimee for super comprehension work on St Patrick’s Day.


Week beginning 08/03/2021

It was lovely to see the return of Brianne this week to Squirrel Class. All pupils and staff are very happy to be in school!

Real Life Superheroes

This week we have been looking at another real life superhero. Squirrel Class have been learning about Malala Yousafzai and the right to learn. Mae and Brendan worked really hard and wrote detailed descriptions of Malala – they self-assessed their own work and made corrections.

Rasputin Challenge

Squirrel Class have taken up the latest TikTok challenge and have been dancing to Rasputin. We hope you enjoy the video!


Brendan for beautiful reading and comprehension work.

Worth a Mention

Oliver for great participation in all lessons and independently making and serving all the pupils at snack time. Well done, Oliver.


Week beginning 01/03/2021

Wow! The weeks are flying past and we are having lots of fun.

Career Week

We have been learning about different careers linked to our work on ‘Real Life Superheroes.’ Summer really enjoyed the work about Marcus Rashford and Brendan loved the work on his ‘hero’ Steve Backshall.

World Book Day

Squirrel Class enjoyed dressing up as their favourite characters for World Book Day.


Kenzi-Dean for all his hard work since returning to school after half term. He has completed some fantastic work on partitioning numbers and recalling number bonds to 10.

Worth a Mention

Summer for independently writing messages for home on her communication iPad. A big well done!


Week beginning 22/02/2021

Hope that you all had an enjoyable half term? In Squirrel Class, we have quickly settled back into the school routine.

Good Health

We have PE every Wednesday – Please can you ensure that pupils’ PE kits are in school. This week, we enjoyed playing with the parachute in the wind – we had lots of fun!

Independent Living

We have enjoyed making a breakfast snack – using the toaster and microwave.


Jacob for super phonics work – recognising his letter sounds (phonemes – Phase 2). Great behaviour – for being calm and settled in class.

Worth a Mention

Kenzi and Brendan made a welcome return to school – they both did some fantastic writing about their half term news.


Week beginning 08/02/2021

Another busy week and more snow! Squirrel Class have been learning in class and with pupils working at home via Teams.

Safer Internet Day

Tuesday 09 February was Safer Internet Day. In Squirrel Class, we watched a BBC lesson online, took part in an online quiz and designed and made some posters.

Valentine’s Day

In preparation for Valentine’s Day, Squirrel Class made cards for the people that they love.

Aimee for great work in PE. Aimee did lots of running in ‘Cat and Mouse’ and some fantastic stretches/balances in yoga.

Worth a Mention

Logan and Brianne – they are completing lots of the home learning tasks and sharing their work on Seesaw. They are also showing great speaking and listening skills during their weekly phone calls. It is lovely to catch up and chat!

Head Teacher’s Award – A big well done to Summer!!


Week beginning 01/02/2021

Everyone in Squirrel Class has had an enjoyable week. We have worked hard in class and enjoyed playing in the snow.

Snow Day

We made snow angels and snowmen.

What’s in the News

This week we have been celebrating the Life of Captain Tom Moore. We really enjoyed reading and understanding his famous quotes. In our creative lessons, we designed posters with his inspirational messages. He has given a lot of people hope during this difficult time. Thank you Captain Tom!

Summer for using her communication iPad in class – she can even tell jokes on it!


Worth a Mention

Brendan for his beautiful book cover of ‘The Selfish Giant’ – It had a detailed picture and descriptive blurb. Brendan has been joining Teams lessons and working very hard at home. A big WELL DONE!!



Week beginning 25/01/2021

We have had another busy week. We started the week by discussing what we had done at the weekend (personal news) and looking at the news on the BBC website.

What’s in the News

All the pupils and staff enjoyed the story of Nathan Evans who has signed a record label after releasing his songs on TikTok.


The catchy rhyme and lyrics of the ‘Sea Shanty’ inspired Squirrel Class to join in and play our musical instruments. Please watch our short video.

Good Health (PE)

In Squirrel Class, we love physical exercise and playing different games. This week, we have been playing ‘cat and mouse’ and ‘tennis rounders’ – which we all loved.

Mikyla for fluent and confident reading and accurate counting in maths.


Worth a Mention

In Squirrel Class we have been celebrating a special anniversary. It is now 7-years since Mae had SDR surgery in America. We had buns to celebrate.

Louie – has really enjoyed the story of ‘The Selfish Giant’. He read the story to the class and then wrote some detailed sentences. A big well done!


Week beginning 18/01/2021

We always start every day with exercise so that we are ready to learn. Look at us doing our yoga exercises and trying to keep up with Joe Wicks!

Teams Lessons

We love working together and during Lockdown, we are learning in the classroom and with our pupils at home via Teams lessons. Kenzi said, “This is the best way to learn at home.” Aimee said, “See friends” so we are also supporting the pupils’ wellbeing and mental health during these sessions.


The pupils loved the snowy weather and this inspired them to make a large snowman sculpture. We worked together to create it!



Oliver for writing his name on his own and for making everyone smile with his positive and cheery attitude.

Worth a Mention


Mae wrote some amazing descriptive writing including similes and adjectives. Brendan wrote an amazing piece of work about winter scene and posted it on Seesaw. Well done!!


For all enquiries call us on 01302 720790 or email us